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Types Of Quilling Board: How To Choose The Best Quilling Board

The Quilling Board is a very essential tool for quillers, especially if you are a newbie. It comes will different predefined shapes where you can place your paper quills and do the next set of activities on it.

There are different types of quilling boards available in the market and often we can not decide which one is the best depending on our requirements.

This article will be all about discussing different types of quilling boards and how to choose the best quilling board.

What Is A Quilling Board?

A quilling board is nothing but a plate with different predefined slots where you can keep your quilling paper coils so that easy for you to apply glues and do other things on it.

Quilling board can also be used to create quilling earring domes.

Quilling Board-Large

Depending on the size of the quilling board, it may contain circular shape cutouts, rectangular shape cutouts, eyedrop shape cutouts, and many other shapes.

The Quilling Shape Board is attached to a healing cork which allows your designs to be pinned into place.

Quilling Boards are made of either plastic, cardboard, or wood. Plastic boards are better for durability.

Types Of Quilling Board

Depending on the size, Quilling Boards are differentiated into three different types. At RiansCart, we sell the following types of quilling boards.

The only difference in these boards is the size and the number of different shapes available on the board. For example, if you buy a small board or a medium board, you will mostly get the circular shape holes.

  • Large Quilling Board
  • Medium Quilling Board
  • Small Quilling Board

How To Choose The Best Quilling Board?

Here are the different factors that you should consider while choosing a quilling board.

The Size Of The Quilling Board

Depending on the type of variation of cutout you need, you may choose a quilling board. Large-sized quilling boards can accommodate different shapes of cutouts whereas small boards have only circular cutouts. If you want to be future-proof, buy a large quilling board.

Types Of Cutouts

It’s always a good idea to buy a quilling board that has a different shape cutout so that you can create any coils of any shape. The shapes could be circular, rectangular, triangle, eyedrop, or any odd shape.

Circular shape is the most common but it is not a bad idea to have all sorts of shapes on the quilling board.

Quilling Board Material

Plastic quilling boards are better as it is more durable and easy to clean the glue marks. The wooden ones are good too. However, avoid the one that comes with cardboard as those will be useful only for a month or so.

Quilling Board Price

Although price should not be a factor when you are on a commercial quilling project. It is the quality that matters the most.

Quilling boards are available starting from ₹40 all the way up to ₹100 if you are buying from us. However, on Amazon, you may see a little inflated price due to the different taxes involved in it.

Final Words

Quilling Boards are essential quilling tools and you should grab one before starting your project. These are cheaper too and last longer if you use them carefully. We at RiansCart sell quilling boards that are made of high-quality materials that are more durable compared to the cheaper ones sold by other vendors.

Should you have any questions on quilling boards, you can always reach out to us and our craft experts will be happy to help.

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