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What Is Metallic Quilling Paper?

We all know that quilling papers are like any other normal paper but the GSM is more, which means it’s a little thick. Normal quilling papers are boring as there is no shine on the paper.

For applications like quilling jewelry, you may need papers that have some shine on them that add sparkles to your art design.

That is where Metallic Quilling Paper comes into the picture. Let’s learn more about Metallic Quilling Paper here in this article.

If you don’t know much about Quilling Papers, I would suggest you to read this article first and then come to this article.

What Is Metallic Quilling Paper?

There are two ways to add extra shine to your quilling paper. Either by applying shiners/ varnish or by using metallic quilling paper.

Applying shiner is a manual process and may not be always accurate. That is why metallic quilling papers are the best bet when you need shining quilling paper.

Quilling Paper-Gold, metallic quilling paper

This is not painted on or colored, like other products you will find in the market. Instead, we use a controlled manufacturing process to apply the shiner equally on the whole surface of the paper.

Metallic quilling papers are little heavy compared to non-metallic quilling papers due to the added shiners.

Benefits Of Metallic Quilling Paper

  • Metallic quilling paper are more shiny
  • The gloss value is very high in metallic quilling paper
  • Does not tear off easily like non metallic quilling papers
  • Does not need additional shiner or varnish to be applied to it.

Difference Between Metallic Quiling Paper And Non Metallic Quilling Paper

Metallic Quilling PaperNon Metallic Quilling Paper
Papers are more shinyNon metallic quilling papers are dull
High gloss valueLow gloss value
Does not tear off easilyVery easy to tear off
Little heavy than non metallic onesVery lightweight
Does not need further application of shiner or varnishMay need application of shiner or varnish depending upon the project
Little costlyCheap to buy
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