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GrowthWith A Potential Customer Base Of Over A Couple Of Thousands, You Will Grow Fast
EaseSelling On RiansTech Is As Easy As 1-2-3. Register-Sell-Earn. That’s it
TransparentWe Only Charge 5% Of The Invoice Value. No Hidden Charge. No Surprised Shock.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Will Take Care Of Shipping?

Vendors are not responsible for shipping. Once the product is ready, our courier partner will pick up the parcel from your home or shop as slotted by you.

Do I Need GST To Sell On RiansCart?

No need for GST. All invoices will be generated with the RiansCart GST number and we are responsible for paying the tax, not the vendors.

When Vendors Will Get Paid?

Vendors will get paid 15 days after the delivery of the order.

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