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We Respect And Comply With FTC Affiliate Disclosure

  • Please keep in mind that RiansCart is also an affiliate store. What that means is that all products listed in the portal have an affiliate link associated with that. Whenever you get redirected to merchant sites through these links and make a purchase we get a commission for merchants. We act as an affiliate marketer for big eCommerce and help them to increase their sales through RiansCart
  • We only list those products which have great quality and feel that they will add some value to buyers. We are not influenced or compensated or forced by sellers to list low-grade products. You should only make a purchase if you feel that this product is good for you. Now the decision is yours!
  • All content posted in RiansCart either by the administrator, editor, author, or contributor reflects their personal views which might get change from time to time due to human nature. It is the reader’s responsibility how they interpret individual views and implement the same in their own way.
  • RiansCart does not hold any responsibility for any issue that might arise due to any article or view that influences any individual.
  • RiansCart cannot guarantee that all content in this store has 100% accurate information although all effort is always made to give accurate information.
  • We also reserve the right to delete any of your comments on our product if we find them inappropriate and contain any copyrighted materials.
  • You are also responsible for any legal issue that may occur due to your comments, post, or views.

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